WM Upholstery is the best Slipcover Manufacturer in California

When it comes to slipcovers, most people will think of shabby chic-style pad with ruffles and floral prints. However, throughout the years, slipcovers has been going through lots of changes and nowadays, it has so much to offer. Slipcover variations range from sleek custom, minimalist, to pet and family friendly styles.

It has every potential to make sofas and chairs become more beautiful without buying new item.




Besides changing the look of sofa and chair cosmetically, slipcovers also extend the life of the furniture. Slipcovers are typically comes in various sizes and styles (depending on the sofa and chairs), colors, and patterns to suit with the general décor in the house. Sofa and chair slipcovers are also great to cover furniture that you do not use and prevent it from getting dust and dirt.


Slipcovers are available in wide ranges of fabrics, pattern, and fabrics. The main problem when it comes to slipcovers is how to choose the right one to upgrade your sofa, chair, or pillow. Read our recommendation of slipcovers which are highly functioning in both practicality and style. Changing decor according to the season can a daunting task and pricey as well. However, if you still have a well-function sofa and chair, there is no need to buy the new one just because of seasonal changes. On easy and practical way to change the look of sofa and chair without buying a new one is using slipcovers. Here are some basic notions why you need slipcovers.

Slipcovers are washable – it is complete understandable if you are worry about stains, food spills, and other dirt on the sofa, couch, or chair because it can be a huge task to clean those furniture. But when you use slipcovers, there is no need to wash the chair or sofa, because slipcovers are washable. You can simply take it off and wash it in washing machine and done.



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