Custom Furniture


Let us custom design and build your next couch.
  • Sofas & Loves Seats
  • Chairs
  • Ottoman's
  • Headboards
  • Cushions (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Slipcovers
  • Patios & Lounges
  • Benches

Check out our latest customized work!

In any living room, the sofa is the center of attention. Why not make it as unique as you are? Custom sofas are widely favored over sofas found in furniture stores – creating a custom sofa ensures that there is no other couch exactly like yours and it showcases the personal style of the homeowner.

If you are thinking of creating a custom sofa to complete your home, there are two options: add a new slipcover to the sofa, or hire one of our expert team members to give new life to your old sofa through reupholstery.

Our designs range from modern to traditional, and our selection of colors and fabrics is unbeatable.

We're certain that you will end up with the perfect sofa, no matter the style or fabric wanted. You may have seen a piece of furniture on TV, or maybe you came across it while visiting a friends house. Snap a picture of it, and we can reverse engineer the furniture and make you one of your own!

In any living room, the centerpiece of attraction is without
a doubt the couch. What does yours say about you?


  • Restaurant Booths
  • Ballroom Chairs
  • Entrance Hall Furniture
  • Custom Couches
  • Bar Stools
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Patio Cushion Replacement

Step1- The Restaurant owner decides on the booth’s overall appearance. Custom booths are quite hard to find in furniture shops. Luckily, WM Upholstery has over 40 years of experience in this field and can accommodate your dinning room area with the design, comfort and seating booths that you are looking for.

Some important things to keep in mind when contracting WM Upholstery are: The size of your business, the design/shape and fabric of your desired booths.

Step2 – Determine your restaurant’s available space.

This next step is very crucial. If you haven’t already done so, WM Upholstery can help you determine how much space is needed to accommodate your restaurant booth(s). Remember, your available space will help you determine the right style and shape of booth(s) that will fit your business.

Keeping the size and layout of your business in mind, will help us get you the best and most exact fit, which will make your business look and feel great to the patrons visiting you.

Step3 – We deliver and install your brand new custom built restaurant booth(s).

The area in which you decided to have your new booth(s) placed, will now house the beautifully crafted seating and dining booth(s).

It truly brings us lots of joy to see the end product at its new home. Not only that, but we also really love to see the smile on the face of you the customer, with your new seating for your patrons in the restaurants, clubs and lounges you operate.

Our Building Process:

  • You, or us here at WM Upholstery, can provide a predetermined design that you can customize and feel good about having in your business..
  • We will determine, along with your help, the materials needed to build your project. This normally is the fabric, cushion/foam type, frame base (wood or metal), armrest and colors.
  • After the above mentioned process, we begin to build the frame and overall structure of the booth. We only use top quality wood, screws and braces. We cut all the plywood needed to build the frame. The back of the booth is made up of 2x4 boards, in which we then attach the plywood to. After that, we begin to work with the customer’s chosen fabric and upholstery to add to the frame, along with any and all stuffing materials needed to fill out the cushions and backrest.
  • Finally, we run a series of tests, in order to make sure that the furniture is safe and adheres to commercial quality standards.
  • Our custom built restaurant booths are very sturdy and last much longer than your typical household furniture…that is unless we built your home couch, in which then it will last a long while.


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  • Custom Headboards
  • Full Upholstered Bed
  • Vinyl Headboards
  • Bisquit Headboard
  • Velvet Upholstered Chair
  • Cotton Print Headboard
  • Tufted custom headboards
  • King size custom headboards
  • Chanel Back custom headboards
  • Queen size custom headboards

Check out our custom headboard work!

We make customized headboards with top quality padding and materials. We also provide you with lots of options on natural fabrics and padding.

WM Upholstery can manufacture furniture of any shape or size. After we’re done crafting your customized headboard, you may decide to have us build you a set of night stands with beautiful lights and drawers. Yup, we can do that too!

Whatever the style of headboard you’re looking for, we can build it. You’ll have access to tons of fabrics and materials to choose from. Whatever style in era you have in mind, ultra modern, antique, etc., we can do it!

If you have children, we can help you design a concept that they will love. Whether they’re into race cars or Barbies, our design experts can do it.

Our company guarantees all of our work, and we won’t be satisfied until you are!
No headboard is too big or small for our skilled team – we can create headboards of all shapes and sizes. All headboards are created using top tier padding and materials that come in a wide variety of colors - natural fiber options are available as well. There is no theme too zany for us – race cars, fairytales, animal kingdoms – we’ll do it all! You will be the designer of your dream headboard – deciding which edge style and fabric to use and then adding decorative trims and other embellishments to fit your personal style. Our company guarantees satisfaction with every order and free home delivery or pick up services are offered to make installation even easier.